Cerita Dongeng Pendek Bahasa Inggris : Be Proactive

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Dongeng Pendek Bahasa Inggris Terbaik : Be Proactive

Once there was a beautiful and prosperous Elf Kingdom. It was ruled by King Elfor, a very wise king.

King Elfor had two sons: Prince Eltar and Prince Elgir. Both were smart and kind. When it was time for king Elfor to choose his successor, he gave his two sons a small area to rule. The one who could rule his area better would be the next king.

Prince eltar was given a small area in the nothern part of the Kingdom. He set up an office and waited for the reports from the elves. When there was no reports, he assumed everything was running well.

Every now and then, some elves would come with their problems and Prince Eltar would offer solutions for he was a smart prince.Prince Elgir was given the south area of Elf Kingdom. When he reached hi new post at the south, he also set up an office and waited for reports. When there was no reports, he mounted his horse and started to survey his area.

Prince Elgir met some farmers and learned that the farms were doing well.

But still, he paid attention to the farming techniques and managed to improve them.

Prince Elgir surveyed the river banks in his area. He noticed a few small cracks on the wall so he ordered the wall to be repaired.

He also visited a neighboring kingdom in the south. It was a big kingdom. And the king bad a beautiful princess.

Prince Elgir sent flowers to the princess and he also showed the new farming technique that he invented to the king. The king was very impressed.

Then came the prolonged drought. Prince Eltar at the north area started receiveing bad reports about failed crops. He mounted his horse and did all he could to help elves in his area.

But things running differently at Prince Elgir’s area. His people were not running out of food because they had applied the new farming technique that Prince Elgir had invented.

Then came the flood. At this time, Prince Eltar at the north received bad reports about river walls which were crumbling down. He mounted his horse to do all he could to help his people solve the problem.

Prince Elgir’s area, on the other hand, was not badly affected by the flood due to the higher and stronger walls that they had built before.

And then, Prince Eltar was attacked by the neighboring kingdom at the north. Prince Eltar, despite his bravery, was almost defeated.

King Elfor sent troops to help his son. Prince Elgir, with the help of the king in the south also sent help. Soon the attackers were defeated.

Afterwards, King Elfor called his sons backs to the palace. Prince Eltar admitted sincerely that his brother had done better. Then King Elfor bestowed his crown to Prince Elgir.

Cerita Dongeng Pendek Bahasa Inggris
Cerita Dongeng Pendek Bahasa Inggris

And king Elgir didn’t reign alone because he soon had a beautiful queen by his side.

Pesan moral dari Cerita Dongeng Pendek Bahasa Inggris : Be Proactive  adalah

What does being proactive mean? Being proactive means thinking ahead and doing something before it’s too late. Being proactive means controlling the situation instead of being controlled by it. Being proactive means thinking of ways to make things better without being asked.

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