Cerita Dongeng Dalam Bahasa Inggris : Be Diligent

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Contoh Cerita Dongeng Dalam Bahasa Inggris : Be Diligent

Once lived a Mermaid named Ariel. She was not one of the prettiest mermaids in the ocean.

But she was clearly the most diligent one! Ariel woke up very early in the morning to prepare meals for her parents and siblings.

That’s why her seaweed porridge and her plankton pancake are the best in the ocean.

She also studied diligently at school. Even when all other mermaids had gone to play, Ariel stayed in her class and did a few more exercises before she went home.

That’s why she always became the top student in every subject.

And even though Ariel was not the prettiest mermaid, she diligently took good care of herself. She exercised every day to have a good posture and healthy body.

She took good care of her hair and she even sewed her own clothes.

Cerita Dongeng Dalam Bahasa Inggris : Be Diligent
Cerita Dongeng Dalam Bahasa Inggris : Be Diligent

One day, a messenger came from the palace to announce that the prince was conducting a ball for all mermaids. All mermaids were invited.

All mermaids were excited. While other mermaids ordered fabulous gowns, Ariel sewed and embroidered her own gown.

While other mermaids ordered gifts for the prince, Ariel made a delicate carvings for the prince herself.

While the other mermaids had their nails manicured, Ariel went to the library and read everything about the history of their kingdom.

When it was time for the ball, Ariel was ready. Even though she didn’t look as glamorous as the other mermaids, she glided confidently into the ballroom.

The prince didn’t notice her at first, but when it was her turn to dance with the prince, the prince enjoyed their conversation. Unlike the other mermaids, Ariel knew a lot about their kingdom.

The prince was more impressed when Ariel presented her gift. He knew it took a long time to make a coral carving as good as that one.

The prince noticed the details on Ariel’s dress. He had seen dresses like that before. When he was small, he often saw his late grandmother working on dresses like that one.

Ariel might not be the prettiest mermaid around, but clearly her diligence had made her into a wonderful mermaid.

The prince fell in love with Ariel and asked to marry him.

The Prince and Ariel lived happily ever after. Ariel became the most diligent queen the kingdom had ever had.

Pesan moral dari Cerita Dongeng Dalam Bahasa Inggris : Be Diligent adalah

What does being Diligent mean? Being Diligent means working harder and giving more than expected. Being diligent means doing what you have to do and more without being told. Being diligent means practising self-control and giving time and energy to do more for other people.

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